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What boat should we get for the tropics? We were in a quandary.
Photo by 
Marlon Trottmann from Pexels

Not the Pearson 424 fixer we originally made our offer on. While at the price we offered, it would’ve made sense, even with the money we knew we’d need to invest, we just weren’t up to all the work it needed. We were concerned we’d miss this winter’s sailing season and instead spend it slaving away in a boatyard.

Not a Pearson 365, like the one we spent five years aboard, ultimately sailing to Australia and selling it, though that would’ve made Wayne happy. I wasn’t up to committing to spending the next five years in 150 square feet again. I also wanted a boat that if we hosted visitors, we could close our bedroom door and they could close theirs.

Instead, we’ve made an offer on a boat that technically wasn’t even on the market from friends who are making the switch to a trawler. The boat’s a GulfStar 45, and our friends kept her in tip-top condition. I even cat-sat on their boat—twice, but never sailed her. We don’t even have any pictures to show yet.

There’s still a two-part insurance inspection, one in the water, the other a haul-out, when we’ll also repaint the boat’s bottom. With holidays, a hot boat market and prime cruising season, that pushes us into the end of January for a closing.

But, as her current owners quipped, “All you have to do is loader her up, and she’s ready to go.” 

That’s exactly what we plan to do!

Oh, we still do need to pick a name. Not because we don’t like the name on her, but because her current owners like the name so much, they’re taking it with them to their next boat.

Location Location

We’re in Fort Pierce, Florida. The boat’s in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ll likely haul out in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Then it’s off to the Bahamas!