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Funny road trip sight two cows one with its tongue out
Two cute calves at Bodalla Cheese Factory, New South Wales, Australia.

Flashback — a light moment from about a month ago on our road trip….

The beauty of a long road trip is you can stop for just about any whimsy that strikes you.  In this case we were traveling through New South Wales, feeling a little hungry and thirsty. The Bodalla Cheese Factory‘s kitsch sucked us in.  

We tried a few of their fabulous cheese samples.

Then Wayne sprang for some un-homogenized milk – and we rarely just drink milk.  

Decadent!  We felt like contented kitties lapping up cream.

Wandering back to our van, we noticed a couple cute calves and went down for a closer look.  They were as interested in us as we were them.  

Or — was it just the milk we hadn’t quite finished?

Wayne, about to share the last of our un-homogenized milk with a clearly interested calf.  For all we know, it came from its momma!  Bodalla Cheese Factory, New South Wales, Australia.

What do you think?

In case you were wondering – even though I didn’t capture it, Wayne did actually give the calf some milk (and didn’t just tease it).

My niece, Lauren, once commented, derisively, “Humans are the only animals that drink another animal’s milk!”  Maybe so, Laur, and maybe billions of cows can’t be wrong — the stuff is pretty delish!  And we were willing to share, given the opportunity!

Location Location
Bodalla, the spot that inspired this post, is in New South Wales.  We’re currently in between Augusta and Margaret River in Western Australia at Boranup campsite in Leeuwin National Park – but it has internet via our Telstra phone hotspot!

Bodalla – New South Wales, Australia – relatively early on in our road trip — already three territories ago!

Up Next
We are making a clockwise tour around Australia, targeting August for completion.  Margaret River is our next stop, then Perth.  It’s amazing how limited our internet time is since we’re mostly camping – there are LOTs of catch-up blog posts coming!!!!