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Classic Nullarbor area road sign. We’ve seen ‘roos, and one wombat (but not in this area) but no camels (yet?!?).  Australia’s Nullarbor region — a different kind of place.  South Australia.
Almost Nullarbor.
Fierce and dusty as the winds were, the flies were worse at Nundroo Roadhouse. Nundroo’s on the Eastern fringe of the Nullarbor. Technically, though Nundroo’s a little over 100 km to the Easternmost edge of Nullarbor National Park.
In any case, it 5:30 pm and time for us to stop the night.
Nundroo Roadhouse does boast a restaurant, but the concept of paying $25 AUD for special $5 off the Scotch fillet steak (aka a cheap generally tough cut) didn’t appeal. Besides, I had the makings for a nice Asian rice noodle soup with precooked chicken breast and fresh veggies.
Wayne, ever resourceful, surmised the laundry trailer offered the perfect makeshift galley. 
Laundry facility, Nundroo Roadhouse, Western Australia.

Flat surfaces (two washer and two dryer tops), running water, and best of all – no flies! He also carried the majority of the supper makings out to the “galley.”
Makeshift “galley” maestro, still mosquito-netted due to a recent run
outside to gather cooking more accoutrements.
I thanked Wayne heartily, for being a good sport. “Are you kidding?!?” he retorted. “You’re the good sport. Other women I’ve been with would’ve demanded ‘Get me on a plane and the hell outta here!”
I guess it’s a good thing we found each other – being able to find humor in this type of travel is not for everyone. We’re lucky, in a strange sort of way.
So, readers – where’s the weirdest place you’ve cooked? Or, why do you believe your particular love match is both excellent and unique? Inquiring
 minds want to know!

Location Location
We arrived in Nundroo March 11th, 2017 and left the next morning not much past sunrise the next day. While charmless, for $8 AUD for a hot shower, laundry room with running water and ample garbage, Nundroo’s a screaming deal (even if its fly-free bar closes at 8 pm and the wifi’s pretty sketchy). We’re currently stopped briefly in Eucla, the Nullarbor, just past the border of South Australia, in the Eastern corner of Western Australia.
Where the Nullarbor road trip officially began for us, still in South Australia
We just crossed the border at this post into Western Australia.
Up Next

Still lots of cool stuff to catch up on! And we’re planning on another 5 months to continue our clockwise circumnavigation of Australia’s ocean of land. Then, lots of blog-site additions and navigation aids, plus tons of short video clips.