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Tahiti is “the big city” for French Polynesia, but it’s still really just a big town.  Their big annual Autonomie Parade really drives that point home.
There’s nothing like sound and motion to get the sense of  “being there.”  Enjoy my first video with my apologies for its flaws while I learn more about shooting and composing video.

A prior post on the parade gives a broader cross section of the parade’s variety with stills; click here for that.

Location Location

These photos were taken in late June 2015 when we were in Pape’ete Tahiti French Polynesia (S17.32.393 W149.34.219) at the downtown marina. This post was composed July 22 2015 on our last stop in French Polynesia, Maupiti (S16.26.838 W152.14.690) and prescheduled to run while on our long passage from there to American Samoa.  We hope to stop at Suwarrow, Cooks Islands along the way to American Samoa, however there will be no wifi at remote Suwarrow.