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Our dinghies tied off to Hunga Haven’s line, hospitably placed
to keep dinghies from grinding on a coral-strewn shore at low tide.
The kayak provides Barry & Cindy’s transportation.  Armagh is
in the background on Hunga Haven’s mooring ball.

Hunga Haven is an apt name for a sweet, incredibly well-sheltered spot in Hunga Lagoon in Tonga’s Vava’u group of islands. 

Bowl o sky, mirrored in Hunga Lagoon.
Friendly former Canadians Barry & Cindy provide a robust mooring ball, with more planned, along with wifi* and whatever advice cruisers want to make the most of their time tin the Hunga area.  Hunga Haven is slowly working their way to eco-resort-hood, with one small fale already built with native materials.  Additional additional fales are in the works.

Last Unicorn, another cruiser, reflected in the calm waters
of the Hunga Lagoon anchorage we shared.

*To access wifi, for 5 TOP/hour (about $2.50 USD) requires a clear shot at Hunga Haven’s antennae.  At the lagoon anchorage around the corner, even with our repeater we were unable to access wifi at our boat.  Barry suggested hanging out on the beach or his porch; our cruising friends Patty and Steve graciously let me crash on their boat, which was on the Hunga Haven mooring ball for my wifi time.

Sunset panorama in Hunga Lagoon from Journey’s bow.

Hunga Lagoon’s entry silhouetted beautifully at sunset.  Heckuva a welcome our first night!

Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and just general lazing about in an incredibly beautiful and peaceful spot are all great reasons to make at stop at Hunga Lagoon.  Instead of awakening to party music or roosters crowing, in Hunga Lagoon, we were awakened gently, by songbirds.
Sunset just kept getting more and more dramatic.
Do come fully self-sufficient!  Even though Hunga’s village is second in size only to Neiafu in Vava’u, there are no stores, groceries, restaurants or bars.  Locals take the ferry to Neiafu Monday, Wednesday or Friday to fulfill their shopping needs. 

Location Location
This post was finalized and posted in Neiafu, TONGA ( S18.39.443 W173.58.965) and was inspired at our recent stay in Hunga Lagoon  (S18.42.066 W174.07.551),Tonga’s Vava’u island group, where we’re currently cruising.
Cruising Progress by the Numbers
As of our start, December 7th 2014, from Jacksonville FL NAS, USA until our current (October 12, 2015) travels around the Neiafu, Tonga are — 10 months, we’ve spent about a third of our time –125 days — sailing and covered ~8,750 nautical miles.  The prior 2 years combined, we sailed 3762 miles.  Bythe time we arrive in New Zealand in November, less than a year from when we set out, we expect we’ll sail over 10,000 miles this year.  That’s a lot of miles for a boat with a hull speed of 7 knots; we usually sail far slower than that.