Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

wayne seitz and dana greyson galley wench tales
Wayne and me, kissing after our barefoot-on-the-beach wedding.
It was a good hair day.

This is your hair.  

This is your hair on passage.  

aboard pearson 365 sailboat
me, Dana aka the “Galley Wench.”

wayne seitz journey captain bad hair day
Captain Wayne.

Location Location

This post was written whilst on a ~1,000 nm passage between Contadora, Las Perlas, PANAMA (N08.37.393 W79.01.870) and Galapagos EQUADOR (S0.57.924 W90.57.750), March 2-11, 2015.  It was then prescheduled from Galapagos, once we had internet, to run while we’re on passage from Galapagos to French Polynesia, a 3,000+ mile open ocean stretch. 

Our current plan is to leave Friday, March 20th from Galapagos.  We anticipate a lot of seriously bad hair on that passage.

We expect to resume “normal” internet within a month (and also a decent shampoo).

Thanks to an Iridium Go satellite (limited!) WiFi hotspot and Trisha Dunn, there will be periodic brief blog updates of our passage.  There will also be a few more prescheduled blogs, like this one, that will run while we’re underway.