Galley Wench Tales

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and the food they eat.

journey abacos bahamas
Thanks, Ann Gates for this rare photo of Journey, our
365 sailboat  with all her sails up in the Abacos May ’14.

Night before last we got to the apartment we’re about to vacate for our boat and were greeted by a horrific stench.

The pipes backed up and exploded raw sewage all over our bathroom.

Ugh (massive understatement)!!!

Needless to say we’re busy with the Rubik’s cube of how to fit everything at once into our 150 square feet of living space on the boat.

Fellow cruisers — you know it’s a rare thing when your boat is drier and smells nicer than a landlubber dwelling!  Well, at least it makes us a lot less likely to miss our temporary dirt dweller digs!

More about all that, soon, including provisioning for a gluten free diet at sea for 2 years.

Meanwhile, featured us as sailors in this “tiny houses” article.

Location Location
Jacksonville Florida’s NAS Mulberry Cove Marina (N30.12.980 W81.40.234).  Preparation, perspiration and anticipation…. Welcome to the wonderful world of getting ready.  And yet, the countdown to go is ticking down rapidly.  Best guess?  We set sail between the first and second week of December to the South Pacific.