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Our barometer looks cool.  But it seems the needle never moves.

Other than when Wayne’s laying down Cetol (click here if you’re curious about that), or we’ve left the hatch open above or bed while we’re on land, or I left laundry out to dry (click here if you’re curious about that), I can usually tell when it’s about to rain.
Yes, there’s tons of great cruising weather experts, but they focus more on wind direction and intensity and swell level direction and height.   Sometimes, I just want to know if I’m going to get wet or not.

Wayne relies on smelling that fresh ozone scent I associate more with lightening or after it’s started raining – which I consider too little notice.  

I go by humidity.  Here in the Caribbean, it seems if the air’s heavy with moisture, eventually it needs to do something with it.   If there’s dense gray or low clouds upwind, and it’s clammy, I expect rain.  If it hasn’t rained for 3 days, at least where we’ve been, it’s likely to rain.

Yes, I predicted this one.

Sometimes I’m wrong.
While we’ve leared Cetol is forgiving, and extra freshwater rinses are okay, and we keep the hatch above our bed closed anytime we go out or as soon as there’s the first wisp of liquidity, I trust the Dana Rain-o-Meter.  It’s right more often than most meteorologists and definitely more than our barometer.