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Toad Suck Park, Arkansas.
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Toad Suck | Scott5114 [CC BY-SA 2.5 (]

Okay, today’s drive was really from Aux Arc Park Arkansas to Little Sunflower River Recreation area in Mississippi, but we did pass Toad Suck Park exit about 100 miles along. I wanted to stop, but it was closed.

You may be wondering how the heck anyplace got such an oddball name. Click here for the story.

Instead, we drove through long spaces between blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em towns, with one of the largest a population of a little over 3,000. We drove through driving rain, thunder, lightning, and oppressive humidity. A thick towel is now resting on the dash of the passenger side dashboard to catch the liquid sunshine. Since this is our first rainstorm in the RV, we’re not sure how much those leaks are due to the accident or were there before.

We settled at the edge of a swamp in the Delta National Forest between Rolling Fork, Vicksburg, and Yazoo City—Little Sunflower River Recreation area. The middle of nowhere but better AT&T hotspot access than I get in most towns.

Boat launch area at Little Sunflower River Recreation Area, Delta National Forest, Mississippi.

We called it a day, squatting on a spot far enough from the other campers to cause no offense. We walked down to the boat launch, taking in the muddy water and the dank scent of mud. The humidity and those first hungry mosquitos drove us back to our RV, pronto. We still got a few bites.

Tomorrow we’re not sure how far we’ll go yet. We’ll probably stopover in Hattiesburg, Mississippi which we liked when we passed through it on our last cross-country trip, then just ourside Mobile Alabama for the night. Last time, Mobile surprised us with its New Orleans-style charm.

Seen on the back of a motorcycle in Oklahoma, where we stopped for gas and propane.