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Try as they might, the fall foliage couldn’t compete with the colors of Bryce Canyon

My best friend, Anna, and I toured Bryce Canyon about 15 years ago, tagged onto one of her husband’s cycling trips. 

One of Bryce’s many arches; this from a scenic overlook.

This was Wayne’s first trip to Bryce Canyon, but I was more than happy to return and share it with him.

Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon, here, there and everywhere.

The great part about visiting Bryce, is after a day, amazing as it is, it’s enough.

This hoodoo looked to me like it was holding court over the ones below it.

There’s a 15-mile scenic drive that takes you through the entire park ridge.

This section reminds me of an ancient village in the Middle East (a place I’ve seen only in photos).

There are oodles of overlooks. With just a few steps, you get your fill of panoramic views.

If you love the color orange, Bryce is your mecca.

We didn’t arrive until a little after noon, but the afternoon light was terrific.

With the addition of pinks, this is a true kodacolor spot.

Thus far this trip, we’ve felt phenomenally lucky with the weather. Clear skies, warm afternoons. We stalled going to Bryce earlier because it was 23 degrees when we got up. Temps climbed into the 70s in the afternoon.

Wayne enters the Queen’s Garden trail at Bryce Canyon.

We still wanted more than an aerial view. We opted for a loop hike.
Archway passage on Bryce Canyon’s Queen’s Garden trail.

Our hike started at Sunrise, descended down into the Queen’s Garden, down further to the Navaho trail, then up Wall Street, back to the Rim trail, returning to Sunrise.

It’s amazing where trees can grow. Wall Street trail, Bryce Canyon.

The trail combination we chose was only three miles, but at near 9,000 elevation, wearing masks made breathing in the thin air that much harder. We wore our masks the majority of the time as it was crowded, and most other hikers were not wearing masks. 

I love being dwarfed by nature. That little black dot is another hiker.

We were glad we did the loop last—it spanked us! By the time we finished, we were definitely done for the day. We were glad we did it though.