Galley Wench Tales

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and the food they eat.

Two to three week of supply of ramen.

“You’d better make sure my parents know that’s not consecutive!  Otherwise they’ll be sending a care package,” Wayne warned.
Mom, Dad, it’s not consecutive.  I just finally lured Wayne over to the dark side of really savory soup for breakfast.  Posole, a spicy southwestern hominy soup, is an old breakfast favorite I took to in Santa Fe and introduced to Wayne recently. Ramen was an easy step from there.
Not only does ramen fit our attempted $50 / day for everything budget, it’s readily available everywhere, stores easily, is ridiculously quick and easy to make, and we like it. 
Now, neither Wayne nor I ever just make ramen without some kind adulteration. At the very least, we throw in veggies… fresh, frozen or canned, depending on what’s on hand.  Usually we also add some kind of protein… cooked chopped chicken, pork or beef (meatballs work great!) or egg as a ramen-egg flower soup.  I’ll often add a host of other savory goodies, sometimes sautéed before, sometimes added during, or as a final super-fresh flourish at the end. 
I play with it enough, I feel justified in calling it “haute ramen.”  Ping me if you’re looking for adapation ideas or tips.
Better yet, what’s your favorite way to make ramen?
Next time we spend a while in a cruiser’s community, I vow to sponsor a Haute Ramen cook-off.  Iron Chef, look out!