Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Sturgeon Moom rising over the Columbia River
across from Sauvies Island, Portland Oregon.

Tonight’s Sturgeon Moon shone orange as a chunk of aged cheddar cheese. Each morning we’ve noticed the sun peaking up a little later and each eve sliding behind the cottonwoods a little earlier. By the time it tucks more earnestly into its shy fall habit, we’ll be gone.

Ridgefield, bathed in a golden glow a little before the moonrise.

The quality of light at dusk seems just a little more golden, as if to leave us with a little extra touch of amber glow to carry us through summer’s end.

Morning dragonfly on Serendipity’s rail.

As August heralds summer’s wane, even the warmest weekdays are mostly quiet at Sauvies.

Set up for a nearly full moon and a starry night on Serendipity’s top deck.

The wind normally whips up afternoons and eves. Yet this Monday was an unusually calm night and the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower. We knew despite the clear skies, the nearly full moon and Portland’s overly bright lights ~12 miles upriver would make for a lackluster show. Nonetheless, why not spend our first ever night sleeping under the stars on Serendipity’s upper deck? I managed to spot a shooting star on the horizon… And Wayne spotted another last night.

One last Sauvies beach holdout under cotton-candy colored clouds.

We’re savoring these final Sauvie’s sunsets all the more as the countdown to bid this sweet spot goodbye approaches all too soon.

Sauvie’s view of Serendipity’s starboard deck.
Scooter’s boat “Time Out” anchored slightly downriver from Serendipity.

Much as I wax poetic about Sauvie’s serenity, what also makes this spot special is the easy congeniality of the many friendly folks we meet here. We will truly miss those whose paths no may longer cross ours. Yet we’ve learned from cruising to trust we will find ways to stay in touch and hopefully share a smile and some sunshine together again.

Fog shrouded the mouth of Multnomah Channel at St. Helens this Monday morning. We expect to see more if this soon.

Our current plan is to head North for a bit, to take in the San Juans and a bit of British Columbia. If we’re lucky, there’s still some good cruising weather left in the wake of the Labor Day crowd departures. 

Meanwhile, if you’re in the area, we’re still here for another week or so, happy for some hearty hellos before push off. Then we’ll be back… Or at least that’s the plan for now.

Location Location
We’re anchored off Sauvies Island, about 5 miles upriver from St. Helens Oregon, N45 47.473 W122. 47.199.