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What are these seagulls saying or thinking?

Write a caption, win a prize.

The prize?  Ummmm.  Bragging rights?

To get you started, here’s what some of my Facebook friends had to say.

  • “Isn’t this great guys! What a view!” — Nancy Stillwell Yoes
  • What are you all looking at? — Liz Hawkins
  • There’s always one in a crowd, — Ann Gates
  • Bird Flu. He needs “tweetment” — Walt Drechsler
  • If a bird tweets at the ocean, how many followers will he get? — Laura Manning
  • Psst dude you’re looking the wrong way. Miley is over there.– Jeff Stong
  • Papa ohh mau mau, papa ohh mau mau… papa ohh mau mau, papa ohh mau mau –Oh, I’m sorry, haven’t you heard? I was under the impression everyone had heard. The word… b-b-b-Bird Bird Bird, Bird’s the word! b-b-b-Bird Bird Bird, Bird’s the word!. b-b-b-Bird Bird Bird, Bird’s the word! — Matt Clark 

  • My  caption?  “I am not worthy, oh Great Big Bird Poobah.”  My friend’s are much better!
By the way, does anyone know what these birds are?  Dunno the answer myself, but they kind of look like they sport a short mohawk.  They also seemed to behave this way (there was a clear “lead bird”) when I saw them.  A pecking order? Or?  Theories welcome!
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  • Recent retrospective from a kayaking jaunt April 10, 2014, Rum Cay, BAHAMAS (N23.38 W74.50). We’re temporarily landbound in Jacksonville, FL.  We’re in the throes of planning our next big cruising adventure, to the South Pacific, where this Galley Wench is looking forward to a healed broken wrist and more kayaking trips.  4 more weeks ’til the doc says it’s ok to hop on a bicycle.