Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Wild rice salad:  a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.
I was delighted to 
find wild rice that cost less than
the current price of gold per ounce.

I tried to provision our food for a month’s worth of cruising, as we sailed into the spendier climes of the Virgins.  I’m glad we did.
With limited fridge / freezer space, it’s a challenge to extend the life of fresh produce in healthy, varied meals.
One of my better efforts?  A salad of wild rice , grated carrots, shredded purple cabbage, sliced green onions, chopped snow peas, topped with sesame oil, red wine vinegar, salt and white pepper. Only the green onions were purchased recently.

I’ll seek out other grains to experiment with for salads, like barley and wheat berry, as lettuce is currently selling for $4/head here and doesn’t store well.
In a future post or two, I’ll address some of my favorite galley basic ingredients and the many varieties of “haute ramen.”