Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Little lambs might eat ivy, but it takes a serious appetite to polish
off one of these babies – and/or a BIG home freezer.  Frozen legs
o’ lamb are a fairly common sight in French Polynesian
Society Island grocery stores.
The grocery security guy looked askance when I returned in through Tahiti Carefour’s out section, blithely unlocking the gate myself to re-enter. It’s a good thing he wasn’t following me as I slipped in one last photo that tickled my fancy in the frozen foods section. There, I propped my leg upon the freezer top, for scale….
The “English” name of these candies in
the French Poly Carefour amused me.

Nice view of the hillsides adjacent to marina Tiana.
Location Location
These photos were taken when we anchored at Tahiti’s Tiana Marina in Fa’a (S17.35.163 W149.37.197). We went to Tiana to meet the rigger who worked there, as he provided us with the turnbuckle we needed to reconnect our mizzen’s triatic stay. Laced with an extensive network of shallow reefs broken by small pockets of deep water and packed with boats anchoring far too close for us, we did not like Tiana anchorage.  This post is a catch-up as we’re now in Tahaa (S16.38.713 W151.27.404) on our way to Bora Bora before our French Poly visa runs out on July 21, 2015.