Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Burger BBQ maestro, Wayne.  Before our sailboat, Wayne didn’t BBQ.

Wayne was Jonsen’ for a burger even longer than I’d wanted a Caribbean lobster dinner (indulged!  Click here to read about that).  Most burgers we saw were $10 and up.  Twenty bucks or more for two is a big bite – literally and figuratively —  out of our targeted $50-day-for-everything budget.  It seemed wrong to cave in for a franchise burger since we don’t much like ‘em back in the U.S.A.

We did what we usually do — made ’em ourselves.
Wayne went all out, toasting the buns and melting
pepper jack onto the truly “flame broiled”
burgers.  “I 
immolated   them” Wayne declared.
It still wasn’t cheap.  At the RiteWay in Fat Hog Bay, one of the more “affordable” grocery stores in Tortola, here’s what we paid.
$5 for the burgers – but we got 4 patties
$4.25 for the buns, but we got 8 buns
condiments – well that hardly counts since we use ‘em for so much other stuff anyway.
Burgers dressed, except the banana ketchup.  Yes,
really.  It tastes… just like ketchup.  But it’s yellow.
Rounding off, let’s say we paid $10; but we got 4 burgers, 2 meals apiece from it.  Well within our budget, even if it meant eating some gummy PBJ sammies to use up the extra 4 buns.
Did they satisfy?  Oh yeah! 
“Given a choice, if it was affordable, would you rather make ‘em yourself or eat out and be served?” I asked Wayne.
Smoky chipotle potato salad
and tomatoes and cuke
vinaigrette.  A little different
sides than McD’s supersize-
me meal.
“Hmmm… If it was a good bacon burger with fries?  Out.  Otherwise….”
We know these were not 7%
fat ground sirloin burgers.  They
oozed with juicy goodness.  The
BBQ oozed, too.
Maybe they were too good, Wayne still gets a little wistful when the topic of burgers comes up.