Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Unusually cold winter weather in The Dalles, Oregon today.

Anna hummingbird on the lee side of our feeder in the snow.

Shiva doing her homework. We’d just seen a Towee, lower right as well as the Anna hummingbirds, left center.

Today’s temperatures dropped as low as 4 degrees F, not counting windchill, which took it down to -3 or colder.

Now swimming today. This was early in today’s snowfall.

Backyard poolside glass flamingo mocks us in the snow.

Though I’m partial to planting natives, yuccas are hardy evergreens… handling the extremes from snow to hot, prolonged drought.

Pansies in the snow. Will they make it? Dunno.

A feline visitor boldly hopped on the bench in front of our front window on a snowy day. Did Shiva see it?

Cold and getting colder still.

We’re a far cry from the South Pacific Ocean’s Fatu Hiva, but we love the fireplace on this snowy day in the Pacific Northwest. Today.

Shiva, resting on Wayne’s lap between birdwatching stints.