Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Cat in Rodney Bay Yard , St. Lucia, wheeling
Journey toward her splash spot.
We did it! 
Bottom paint done and cured in time for our escape from the sweltering, dusty, mosquito-infested yard.  Honestly, it really is a nice yard, as far as boatyards go; we didn’t even hear any karaoke (even though we were closer to it)!  We also met a lovely couple from Slovenia, Thomas and Lily, also camping out on their boat in the yard for bottom cleaning and paint. 
Journey, getting lowered into the water before
we hopped on board to sail her.
But boats belong on the water, swaying in the swell, cooled and refreshed by the trade winds. 
Our last sunset from Rodney Bay Yard
Great “welcome back!” sunset from back out
in Rodney Bay after the yard.
We made it out in time to see a glorious full moon rising over the hills of St. Lucia, setting across the water.  We haven’t made it out of Rodney Bay yet.  But our to-do list before setting sail list has only a few items left to do before we truly do set sail.