Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

It cost a minimum of $125 / night for
the owners of these sandals to so
easily set foot from their mooring dock onto
terra firma.

One of my brother’s favorite jokes as a kid, was to make nose prints, pressing his face flush against swanky restaurant windows.  His big, brown soulful eyes
stared hungrily at the diners, seeing if he could break their composure.  Our folks fed us well; this was just a lark for Bro.  I didn’t follow suit, even though it totally cracked me up.
Cute sign, but we were not tempted.
Clear water.  Nice walking beach an easy dinghy ride in.
Some of the little huts are the roof of a beachfront café.
The $18 burgers did not tempt us; the $175 Valentines
couples dinner at the other island restaurant, was
even less tempting.
As a so-called adult, I carry the tradition forward, with a little bit of a twist.  I relish in dropping anchor for free in bays where mooring balls cost $65 a night, and docking $125, plus $70 for electric hookup.
Here’s a comparison between us, the “Squatters & Slackers” to the “Well Heeled” on Peter Island, British Virgin Islands.

Peter Island:  Highbrow or Lowbrow? An Awesome Experience, Regardless 

Squatters & Slackers (aka Budget Cruisers)
Well-Heeled Sailors
Anchoring is free $0; our power comes from our solar panels.
$65-$195 / night
Mooring ball $65, docking $125, +$70 if electric hookup
Meals & Drinks
do-it-yourself (DIY)
Cooking for ourselves vs. eating out, 3 meals
Open WiFi;) – free!
No, dinghy onto land
Yes – excellent – all there if docked
Very small amount of $ for dinghy gas
We can do each other – not the same
Only cost is motivation!
$0 (DIY – “Do me, Wayne”)
$210 featured massage
Wayne’s good!
Overall Experience
We create our own paradise
Paradise:  Easy but expensive
Any questions?

Mooring balls in this bay, just around the corner from
our anchorage, cost $65/night.
I told Wayne about I was looking up the cost of a massage on Peter Island “just for yucks” (click here to learn more about the lovely Peter Island Resort) for this post.   He said, “Your cost of the massage is simply to lay down and say ‘Do me.’”

Ceramic map of Peter Island as seen in the higher end resort
restaurant on Peter Island.  We anchored in Deadman’s Bay,
on the NE part of the island, just in from the Island
Deadman’s Chest.

Wayne washing the sand off his feet for free
at the outdoor shower on Peter Island’s Resort.
We figured the resort would prefer we not sully
their walkways.

I may not be rich in cash, but life is good.  Thanks, Wayne.  I love you, darlin.’

If we anchor again at Peter Island, as long as the WiFi’s still free, we’ll buy a burger and a drink to say thanks.