Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Despite the mosquitoes, Wayne detained this
crabby hermit crab long enough for a photo op.
It’s not every day viewpoint trailhead signs warn you to “watch out for hermit crabs… what looks like a stone or an old shell may suddenly move under your feet.”  Nor does your average trail provide ropes for a mostly 45 degree incline.
Marigot Bay vewpoint was heavily
overgrown, yielding more of a slice
han a vista.
There are advantages to being
the only folks foolish enough
to hike up a hill pre-tourist
season at the hottest part
of the day.

 It took us about ½ hour to climb up to the ridge point.  We were hot, sweaty and stinky but did make it to the viewpoint. It poured on the way down, which was not unfortunately enough to dissuade some hungry mosquitoes who had no other hapless hikers to feast upon. 

On the way down, the Mango Beach Inn Ridge Trail offered
a great view of the valley to the East and
a partial peak at Marigot Bay, though not our boat, moored
near its entrance.

Later that eve we feasted on fresh caught a fabulously cooked barracuda, generously shared by some Canadian cruisers, Jason, Laurent and Dave.  “Chef” Laurent cooked the barracuda in olive oil, sweet red pepper, with onion, garlic, cinnamon bark, and a little rum. 

We brought some home-made salsa,
tortilla chips and tuna ceviche and
an appreciative appetite to accompany
the barracuda.  

We wish we had something more fitting, though the chips and salsa were a hit and provided some veggies.