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Crater Lake, June 21, 2022.

Yes, that is a snowman on our first day of summer back in the Pacific Northwest.

Ok, to be fair, we were at Crater Lake, where the lake level is about 6300′ in elevation, and the rim, is higher still. Crater Lake averages 44′ of snow annually. 

This is also an unusually cool spring.

The Dalles got into the 70s that day, and this week is now mostly getting into the 80s, and is supposed to hit near 100F this Sunday.

We’re back from our first foray out since we came here from Florida in December. Yes, we realize we got it backward last year, spending the summer in Florida and leaving when winter set in.

But it’s summer here now, and do we ever love summer in the Pacific Northwest, even if my usual answer to PNW newcomers who ask when it will be sunny is “The 5th of July.”

More on the trip coming up, but after I get back from another one, which I leave for tomorrow.

Location Location

The photo was taken at the Crater Lake village in Central Oregon. We are at the moment back home—wow! it’s so nice to have a home on terra firma to come back to!—in The Dalles, Oregon, about a 90-minute drive from Portland, Oregon.