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and the food they eat.

Pigs swimming toward our dinghy at Major Cay.

“Maybe we should have a pig roast on Major Cay beach, and invite all the cruisers,” Wayne suggested.  He was joking… I think.  We were sorry we missed out on the legendary “lechon” roadside stands selling succulent roasted pig in Puerto Rico.
Major Cay’s famous for its aquatic porkers.  Clever of those wily Bahmian ranchers to draw in tourists and get their pig herd fed for free! 
To my vegetarian friends and fellow pig lovers…. In truth I can neither confirm nor deny whether anyone ever eats the swimming pigs of Major Cay.
Wayyy closer than I’d like to our dinghy. They’re
overly friendly, weigh ~400 lbs. each and
reportedly sport sharp hooves.

Savvy seagulls knew it was feeding time, too!

The birds descend; shades of Hitchcok’s “The Birds.”
Truth is stranger than fiction.

Snarfing “Cherry Garcia” pancakes.  We sped away!

Apparently eating is not the only thing these birds do with gusto.

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