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Even this won’t be an option for at least a day maybe several.
We’ve seen working phone booths in far more remote places
like this in French Polynesia
Photo by 
Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Weather permitting, we’re off to the Bahamas Ragged Islands tomorrow, likely stopping off at Water Cay first. We loved Water Cay when we last went, in 2014.

The Raggeds are a series of islands that are mostly relatively remote. That means instead of Georgetown’s 150 boats in their harbor (versus 400 or more in a non-COVID year) or superyachts or charter boats, we either be on our own or with more crusty cruisers like ourselves.

When we get in range of Duncantown—population 70—the only populated island in the chain, we will be back in phone and thus wifi range again.

So in the interim, I’ll be queuing up some catch-up posts, when we’re not too busy with new adventures.

More soon!

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Location Location

Dean’s Blue Hole, from today’s Long Island, Bahamas road trip. 
It’s the second deepest blue hole in the world and international freediving championship site

We’re currently anchored off the Salt Pond area of Long Island, Thompson Bay, 23 21.474N 75 08.376W.