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Will my off-brand Bahamas smart phone / hotspot work better
in remote areas than this relic we saw in Bimini?  Dunno yet.

One of the most challenging aspects of cruising is less about the not-haves even though our boating lifestyle is a close cousin to car camping.  For me the hardest part is losing touch with family, friends and community for long stretches. 
We are often out of phone range. When we are in phone range, we’re nervously watching the minutes tick by with the financial severity of a parking meter in Times Square.  As for internet coverage… we hope for the best and presume and more often than not experience the worst.  At best, we figure doing much more than the bare basics (checking weather reports, email, semi-regular blog posts – forget video downloads or accessing any memory intensive websites) will quickly run us out what little internet bandwidth we have.
While it’s quite possible the Bahamas low elevations and increasingly prolific cell phone towers may enable somewhat regular access via phone and internet even as we rapidly distance ourselves from “civilization,”  but we’re not betting on it.
Given that, don’t be surprised if a week or so goes by without hearing from us. Please hang in there and keep checking back (or subscribe).  When we’re this far off the grid, we appreciate our connections all the more.  We will be back soon!
Wayne & Dana of s/v Journey
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March 21, 2014, BAHAMAS.  Today we sailed 37 miles from Bahamas Georgetown area (N23.31.011 W75.45.526), to Thompson Bay, Long Island (N23.20.70 W75.09.60),.  Tomorrow we’re headed to the Jumentos Water Cay (N23.01.15 W75.45.15), then off to the remote, relatively unpopulated and and wide-flung Raggeds, where we’re currently planning to spend as much as a month or more.  Cross your fingers our Batel Alcatel smart phone / hotspot meets our internet needs while there!