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From in Bailey’s Super Market Antigua, Falmouth Harbor

We’re in Antigua, Caribbean.  We are thrilled to introduce Thanksgiving to our Slovenian friends and fellow cruisers, Lili & Tomaz.

We are also thankful despite our lack of planning to be able to pick up some semblance of “the fixins'” for the most part for the holiday.

Sure… if we were at home I would make everything from scratch, right down to the home made cranberry sauce with pecans and the sweet potato pie with bourbon and savory spices (ask me for the recipes if you want — they’re awesome!).

When you realize that you don’t have all day or more to thaw a frozen turkey and your oven is not that much bigger than a toaster, you figure out how to make do.

Wayne chips in on Thanksgiving prep with
he mashed potatoes.  I love my husband!

Frozen turkey breast? Excellent. Precooked beets from French Guadaloupe with blue cheese crumbles?  Salad!   Packaged powdered gravy will do just fine, thank you, with home made mashed potatoes — the real deal.  Cranberry sauce in a can and the ability to add fresh oranges? Check.  Home made pumpkin pie that someone else made from the local store?  Perfect!  Packaged stuffing mix with some fresh goodies to jazz it up will do just fine.   Friends to share it with, bringing eggplant for a veg?  Yay!

Lili & Tomaz, friends and fellow cruisers.  Lili’s blog is excellent.
Click on to check it out.

What we realize most about Thanksgiving…. what’s most important of all is sharing it with someone.  In that, we are very blessed; for those here to share it with and those we’re sharing it with in our hearts.  Thank you, all.

May you feel as blessed on this and all Thanksgivings as we do.