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and the food they eat.

Marc Blackburn demonstrates how to finish off a
chain anchor splice in Pointe A Pitre, Guadaloupe.

We were pulling away from the dinghy dock in Pointe A Pitre when Wayne guffawed at a t-shirt reading “The rum’s all gone and it’s all my fault.”  Wendy Blackburn was wearing the shirt that got our conversation started.  “It’s true, you know,” she said.

Marc, Wendy’s husband, swung by our boat later.  A few hours later, we had a nicely spliced chain anchor which no longer jammed our windlass (the usually wonderful contraption that usually lowers and pulls our boat anchor up, so we don’t have to by hand), thanks to Marc.

We chatted about work, sailing, where we’d traveled and hoped to travel.

While we found The Saintes beautiful, our experience there was lukewarm (see  It was swelly when we were there, plus some other issues that shouldn’t have been that big a deal, but all added up, gave us the itch to move on sooner rather than later.

Marc and Wendy’s experience in The Saintes was wonderful; you can read about it by clicking here to connect their excellent blog post.  A link to their blog is also posted in my “Check These Out!” links on the left hand side of my blog page.

Now I’m not revising my blog about our experience in The Saintes, but I am saying yours, if you’re lucky enough to visit it, may be entirely different.