Galley Wench Tales

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and the food they eat.

Everyone looked happy.  What’s not to like on picture-perfect
Honeymoon Beach Spring Break party?

Spring Break Rocks Honeymoon Beach near St. Thomas
Little did we know… we just came for the community potluck / fish fry (click here to read about that), not that any of us were complaining about the eye candy in full and glorious abundance.
Beaching our dinghy at Honeymoon Beach, we entered a panarorama from a G/ PG-rated version of Animal House.  The beach undulated with hundreds of bikini or brief clad twenty-somethings, reveling in sunshine, powder-soft sand and plenty of social lubricant. This was our first-ever up close and personal exposure to Spring Break.

The party spilled out into the water.
Honeymoon Beach’s community hall was hoppin.’

I graduated college debt-free, working all but one semester and paying for tuition and books myself.  I lived at home; wild Spring Break parties were not something a.o.k. under Mom and Dad’s watchful eye.  Mostly, though, it just wasn’t how I’d consider spending my money, much less more money than I had.
The closest Wayne came to the college party scene was a phone call from the local frat upon his PSU enrollment.  As the brother extolled the virtues of ice cream socials and the benefits of fraternity support, Wayne said, “You do know I’m 39, right?”  The sales pitch ended abruptly with a “click;” Wayne was not the one who hung up.  “Clearly, they didn’t give me the opportunity to point out all the advantages an older brother could offer.  I wouldn’t mind going to parties with 19-year old sorority girls!”
A DJ-driven technopop dance beat throbbed across the beach, drowning out the live band beside Joe’s Beach Bar.  The live bands was crooning golden oldies from the 60s and 70s to a much smaller and far more sedate crowd, also happily dancing the day away.

Our friends, Michael and Colleen from Goldilocks
prove they can keep up with the best of ‘em.
Wayne toasts to that with Michael & Colleen.
Even I got into the fun!  Who says 50-something’s too late?

Two JetPack water walkers added to the entertainment; if you’re not sure what they are, click here to learn more about these hot, spendy new Jetsons-Meet-Jetskis toys.
As day wore on, the scene shifted from G to PG, with a little more dirty dancing, and girl-on-girl grinding.  Still, for the most part, I’ve seen more risqué action in some animated family flicks.
We took it in, swayed to the music, waded in the warm clear water.
We watched the dinghy lines, bobbing across the beach, high enough to be a tripwire, an effective sobriety test.  Surprisingly, no one tripped.
Spring Break or not, Honeymoon Beach still strikes me as more Leave It to Beaver or Mayberry RFD than Animal House after all.  Kinda nice; even my parents would’ve been okay with it.
The sun set, and the show went on… iPods, cam phones,
video recorders and digital cameras were rolling.

These JetPack waterwalkers made it all
look so easy… for hours.  Surely, they were pros
as most folks don’t get a lot of playtime
with $100K aqua toys.