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Wayne, hatless, holding our tattered flag at Suwarrow before we
ceremoniously burned it at the potluck (where he lost his hat).

It’s said grass never grows on a busy street, which might explain the rosy patch atop my dear husband’s head, a head best protected by a hat.  I love my fair-haired captain even though he has great difficulty remaining one with his hat.  And his Crocs too, but that’s another story.

My hope was that paying a bit more for a Hinano hat for his birthday might up the odds on his typically lousy hat karma.  No such luck.

Life is short for a black hat at a potluck that ended into the starry night.  Tino from Axiom even spotted and returned the hat to our boat, unbeknownst to us until the next day.  Alas, while we looked and looked and couldn’t find it.

south pacific sailing destinations
Pair of blacktip sharks circling our boat in Suwarrow.
Did one take Wayne’s hat?

“You know, the hat I had the longest was the one we paid less than $2 for at Next Adventure,” Wayne mused, a bit ruefully.  “Do you think we could find a Dodger’s hat that cheap?”

Meanwhile, I’m positive one of the blacktip sharks circling our boats in the anchorage took it.  Somewhere, there’s a blacktip shark wearing Wayne’s Hinano hat.  If you could persuade the shark to give it back, we’d be most grateful.

south pacific cruising destinations
Satellite photo of Suwarrow from Wikipedia; I added
the red text and arrows.  The light colored sections are
shallow reefs and atoll islands.  The dark blue is deeper water.

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This is a catch-up post, of our stop in Suwarrow, Cook Islands (W13.14.907 S163.06.470). We sailed 460 miles there from Maupiti, French Polynesia (W16.26.838 S152.14.690) on July 29th, 2015.  We arrived on August 4, 2015.  We left Suwarrow on August 10, 2015, sailing about 650 miles to Pago Pago American Samoa (S14.16.472 W170.40.456), where we’re currently anchored.  Tonga is our next stop.