Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

We’re getting caught up after a dearth of WiFi (or “Wee Fee” as they would say in French Martinique) access…  One example… in St. Pierre, Martinique, where we spent several days.  The capital, Fort Du France, due to holiday closures, wasn’t a whole lot better while we were there.

Our guidebook said this was a great
WiFi access hotspot. If only it was open….

A dedicated guidebook reader wrote on the
guidebook website about this place.  
It was re-opened, with owners interested
in catering to cruisers.  Looked promising….

This is the beach-side view…. But when we
stopped by, it was converted to a vacation
rental. The folks there were on the internet,
laptops open.  We offered to pay them
to allow us access as there was no place
else in town with access.  They said “No.”
We stopped by to order food
or drink for intenet access
here. No go. However Wayne
was able to re-directed to a
subscription site from their
website.  We’re guessing the
restaurant was behind on its
own subscription paymen