Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

Chevre, camembert, brie, Edam, dry salami… Ahhh, sweet
re-provisioning. in the French territory Caribbean isle of
St. Martin.  Happy tongues and tighter waistlines,
while supplies last.

At last, we return to the land of irresistible food fashonistas… French territories!  In this case, it’s the French part of Sainte Martin (the Dutch part of the island is Sint Maarten).  Alas, however, we’ve yet to re-encounter Leader Price, a culinary paradise and the closest affordable equivalent we’ve seen to Trader Joe’s — our culinary mecca in “the States.”
We haven’t tried this yet, but are betting it’s better
than the plastic jug wine Wayne picked up
in Guadaloupe (and is still finishing up, but a
deal, click here to learn more about that)
from a mini Carre Four, not a Leader 
Price store.
There was also Bordeaux and merlot, boxed.
This pinot noir was 26 Euros, ~$34 USD for 5 liters,
or ~$7 @ USD for 5 bottles of wine.  It was
marked for $12 Euros, but we did not catch
the overcharge until we reviewed the receipt
back at our boat, too far from the supermarket.
In Marigot Bay, St. Martin (not to be confused with Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, which we sailed to) Francophile foodie goodness is still at hand; in this case at Marigot Bay’s Simply Market (for those in the States, think Zupan’s).  A feast for the eyes, their selection is excellent, albeit expensive.  We’ve already downed our crusty baguette, sampled their salami, eaten our Edam; they were all good.
The artiste behind these specially available Catalan-made
salamis was there; she’s the pony-tailed gal in yellow.
I was fascinated by the variety.  I indulged in purchasing
her favorite, and am saving it, for now.  I refuse
 to admit what I paid for the haute equivalent of a dry slim-jim.
I was riveted to Simply Market’s deli case, even though we’re not big on pates, besides the rare occasion I make Dad’s light and luscious chopped chicken liver recipe.
Are these not beautiful?  Only their price tag kept my curiosity
well in check.
These too are a feast for the eyes.
Our basket was light, as we will continue our quest for Leader Price before we leave this French territory island.