Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

This gentleman was located just across
the street from
Rodney Bay Marina

We tried the much-touted local favorite (besides Bounty rum and the local beer, Piton, which we’ve also sampled … more than once), coconut water.  It’s not hard to find someone selling out it of the back of their pickup truck, parked at some high trafficked spot.
Once you hand over your money (about $2 USD), before you can blink they’ve slashed open the top of a coconut with a knife of machete and handed it to over, straw inserted.
Our verdict?  A good cool quench on a hot day.  Wayne found it a bit too sweet, but I liked it as is.  Won’t likely replace a cold Piton as our “beer-o’clock*” choice of beverage, but a nice change of pace.
If you want to learn more about coconut water, there’s always Wikipedia…
*credit to Gary for “beer-o’clock” though I suspect he stole the phrase from someone else, too