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When your neighbor needs to leave ASAP on urgent family business and has a cuddly 12-week-old kitten, having someone just show up with food is not okay. But what do you do when you already have a sweet cat who’s never shown any interest in playing nice with other kitties? Shiva had a rough start as a kitten (click here for that story); she didn’t successfully socialize with other cats.

Yet she’s so playful, even at nearly three years old, we’ve always wondered if our cat needed a kitty. I watched some Jackson Galaxy YouTube videos (on how to properly introduce an interloper to the cat of the house, like this one. and this one and this one.

How did it go? Click here for my YouTube video.

The tent was a great way to ease Maggi and Shiva’s introduction. It gave Shiva a chance to see and smell Maggi with a barrier between the two. At the end of the week, Shiva not only stood back to offer the piece of chicken left in her bowl for Maggi, she touched noses with Maggi after Maggi ate it. My heart melted. Who knew a territorial cat like Shiva could be that sweet to a kitten invading her domain?

Today was a week since Maggi left to return to her owners. We kept the office door we used to keep Shiva and Maggi apart closed because there didn’t seem to be much point in heating that part of the house when I wasn’t in it. Shiva kept hovering by the door. I figured she missed Maggi and asked Michon, Maggi’s “Mom” if we could do a play date. She brought Maggi over and Shiva went from mopey to wide-eyed and perky. She’s still smitten with that kitten!

Here’s a snippet from today Shiva&Maggi28Jan2024

As far as Snowmageddon… this week we finally rose above freezing temperatures after eleven days. No new snow, but it’s taking a while for what we have to melt. We watched chickadees and a towee frolicking in the birdbath, which is now filled with water since the snow in it melted. Not gardening weather yet though!

snow level post storm view of snow from porch

Finally! Bright enough to see shadows!