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cruiser activities christmas in the tropics
Iconic Marilyn Monroe statue graces Key West’s
Tropic Cinema outdoor entrance.

All bah-humbugging aside, one holiday tradition survived this year intact – catching a movie out for Christmas.  

This year our cruiser fun embraced seeing “Wild” — a movie produced by and starring Reese Witherspoon.  Based on Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling book, the autobiography traces Cheryl’s solo backpacking journey over 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  It’s as much or more a story of personal growth, coming to terms with grief, building resiliency, embracing life.  Both separately and together, Wayne and I backpacked parts of the PCT and were interested in seeing that setting on the big screen.

cruiser destinations
Did we go to this Key West bar?
You’ll only know if you went!

Thanks to a tip from Char Pagan of Atlantica, saw it at Key West’s funky little Tropic Cinema movie theater.  We’re a sucker for funky indie movie theaters, like the McMenamin’s Pubs & Breweries (and movie theaters) of the Pacific Northwest and of course most recently Jacksonville’s SunRay Theater.

While Wayne’s downloaded a number of movies to watch on our laptops, we don’t expect to see another movie on a big screen until New Zealand, about a year out.

cruiser activties
Seriously?  We did not go!

In case you were expecting a bit racier content given the “wild” and “Key West” headline, so’s not to totally disappoint you, here’s a few classic Key West “wildlife” photos.

dana greyson galley wench tales GWT marine communications flunkie
GWT plays Key West tourist,
mugging next to Marilyn.
My sneakers really make “the look.”

Location Location
29 December 2014, USA (Dry Tortugas, we hope by time this posts).  Wrote this post December 25th while anchored just outside Key West (N24.34.389 W81.48.080) Florida,USA.  I spent most of Christmas day trying fruitlessly to get our satellite WiFi set up before leaving USA cell phone coverage.  It may be as late as February 2015 before our travels between Key West and Panama’s more populated areas post. Watch for at least one more post on Key West before then.  And, who knows?  Maybe with the satellite WiFi there will be more before entering the populated parts of Panama.