Galley Wench Tales

Exploring the world through the people we meet
and the food they eat.

There are, at least, worse place to be stuck.   Charlotte Amalie,
St. Thomas at dawn, just a few miles from our current anchorage.

Wayne is disassembling our engine.  We’re still not sure how long it will be until we’re leaving.
Late yesterday afternoon I left to do some errands, internet and get out of the way.
Coincidentally enough, at Betsy’s Bar, turns out the fellow asking me about my Mac (which I was using at the bar to do internet), gave me an up-to-the-minute engine status update on my own boat!  Mike, the guy at Betsy’s, just got off the phone with Joseph, the Crown Bay Marina Boatyard diesel mechanic working on it.  Joseph was asking Mike troubleshooting advice. 
You know how it goes… an abbreviated version….
  • You’re blogging? (Yup, about our sailing…)
  • Oh, so you’re a cruiser? (Yup)
  • What kind of boat do you have? (Pearson 365 ketch)
  • Do you have a Westerbeke motor? (Yes… [huh?  What an odd question!] Westerbeke 40 diesel.  Why do you ask?)

Mike’s friend Jack, when they found out I was headed back to the boat, insisted on giving me a ride.  Betsy’s was a good walk from the Crown Bay Marina’s dinghy dock, where I dinghied to from our boat, and it was dusk.  “Not the best area to walk at night,” Jack insisted.
Nice folks.  We’re still antsy to get going, but sure can’t complain about the community. Small world, and a nice one.