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Yesterday our top priority was to make sure we got in our votes for our state and the United States Presidential Election, even though were are traveling abroad and at the moment in Dominica (the Caribbean).

We are incredibly grateful for WA State’s system, which enabled us to vote via email.  We put the pieces in place to make it happen back in August, yet…

Without boring you with the details, I can tell you we spent about 6 hours making sure we were able to vote and did.

It was fascinating to observe the keen national interest in Dominica in our election results.  It made us feel that much more responsible for getting in our vote.

Given how close so many election results are, every vote counts.  

Whether or not the final result matches my vote, I’d much rather make it, than complain when I did not cast my vote.  WA State, with gay marriage and the legalization of pot, had some pretty juicy state measures, too!

Did you vote?