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Not an earworm, but this Sphinx moth caterpillar
in Dominica is memorable.

“Got this song stuck in my head and can’t get it out.  It’s driving me crazy!’  It’s a common refrain.  Recently fellow cruiser Lynn Kaak of Silverheels III for asked advice about it (click here to check out her insightful blog; she comments about the dilemma in this post). 

That’s why, despite my belief there’s too many frivolous lawsuits, I agree the Disney visitor trapped in “It’s a Small World” truly deserved winning his lawsuit (click here to read about the lawsuit).  Hearing that ditty nonstop for 30 minutes would indeed fall into my definition of a special place in hell.

For any of you upon reading this become torutured with your brain singing  “It’s a Small World” I apologize.  Hang in there – there’s good news.

Did you know there’s a name for this affliction?  It’s called an ‘earworm.’  Really.  Click here for the Wikepedia link about it.

The Good News:  A Cure

I’ve found a cure that works without fail for me.  When I’m infected with an earworm from a hit from hell, I Zappa it out.  That is, I play Frank Zappa. How could anything compete with The Radio Is Broken”?  There’s something about his odd irregular lyrics and rhythms that unfailingly wipe out the offending tune without replacing it with his own tunes. When Zappa’s songs stop playing, they only stick in my head as long as I want them to, no longer.  Ahhhhhhh.

Got hits from hell?  Zappa ends ‘em.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, no matter where you are, if you can read this, you can get iTunes and download a Zappa cure of your your very own.  Or, whatever works for you to set your brain free again.